Degagè Vino Spumante

Degagè Vino Spumante

Grapes: Glera

Origin: Flatlands and hill country of Veneto

Alcohol content: 11,50 % vol.

Serving temperature: 8 - 10° C

Recommended glass: Medium-sized tulip-shaped, narrowing towards the rim


Careful refermentation using selected yeasts is carried out at controlled temperatures of 15 - 18° C with an appropriate period of lees contact. The meticulously monitored final stage of isobaric bottling and a brief period of bottle ageing imbue the wine with time-defying freshness, fragrance and flavours.

Sensory & emotional characteristics

The star-bright straw yellow hue and lingering streams of tiny bubbles usher in subtle aromatics of flowers laced with pear and peach-like white-fleshed fruits. Full-bodied elegance in the mouth is perked up by palate-stimulating freshness.

Food Pairing

Vibrant thrust on the palate makes this wine an outstanding aperitif and a fine partner for mouthwatering appetisers.

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