Our winery is supplied with fully equipped areas to host different types of private, corporate or cultural events.


Since 2011, we have started a renovation process that has turned the whole structure into a deeply modern and innovative environment. Here history, art and technology weave together and converge in the middle of an actual square, which opens up between the wine-making and the bottling plant. An urban-style place, in which the atmosphere gets even more fascinating, at night, through elegant light effects.


Our winery is a perfect location not only for convivial, cultural and food-related events, but also for courses and meetings to carry out in a quiet and exclusive environment, with coffee breaks and meals. Every single detail will be planned according to your needs, for a highly tailor-made and well-finished experience.


Fossalta di Portogruaro - Via Ita Marzotto, 8 30025
Telephone +39 0421 246 494



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