Eco sustainability

Eco sustainability

Caring about the environment, both economic and social, has always been one of our distinguishing features. Right from the beginning, Santa Margherita made respecting its many "terroirs" one of its key strengths. Its agricultural policies – from Alto Adige to Sicily - are a fine example of this along with massive investments in energy savings and renewable energy which have revolutionised the face of Villanova, the largest of the Santa Margherita vinification cellars.


This has been achieved with a huge 2,000 m2 rooftop photovoltaic system at the vinification cellar and a recently-completed biomass generator which means that every year we prevent emissions of several hundred tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and avoid burning almost the same amount of combustible oil.


This sustainability is neither trend nor façade. It's something that's changed and keeps changing our daily work routine. Real attention that Santa Margherita has interpreted by also making itself a pioneer of one of the most important, meaningful national wine growing projects and which is found, today, in all our wines.
The carbon neutrality certificate awarded to Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio for the Canadian market bears witness to that. An independent association calculated the carbon footprint of 1.5 million bottles destined to North America, assessing the quantity of carbon dioxide produced from vineyard to shelf. Next they calculated the quantity of CO2 Santa Margherita didn't produce because of its renewable source energy production policy; vineyard policies; technology employed in the winery and, lastly, in specific reforestation projects and further renewable source energy production projects.


The result? It's zero. Carbon neutrality. Which nowadays involves 10% of our overall production making Santa Margherita one of the leading wineries in the world in the fight against global warming. We're trailblazers!

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