San Francesco della Vigna: a blend of history, culture, art and wine.

Monasteries, abbeys, hermitages and convents: many of these religious buildings, as well as being repositories of religious and cultural knowledge, stand watch over vineyards in Italy’s most renowned wine growing areas. Italy is home to a wealth of historic monasteries and architectural treasures, many of which are religious buildings where the art of wine making has continued uninterrupted over the centuries or where this great tradition has been resurrected in recent times, such is the case at San Francesco della Vigna, the oldest urban vineyard in Venice.


This is a truly unique site where mysticism and culture combine, an architectural complex which houses a Church - one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance architecture on the Venice Lagoon, designed by Sansovino and Palladio, - a Library - which conserves and catalogues a rich collection of written works from the Veneto region belonging to the Order of Friars Minor Province of St. Anthony -, the Cloisters - one of which is used for growing culinary herbs, one for collecting rainwater to be used for watering crops, and two of which are home to the vineyard, which have been tended by agronomists from Santa Margherita since 2019.


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San Francesco della Vigna

Venezia - Ramo Al Ponte S. Francesco, 30122 

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