San Francesco della Vigna: a blend of history, culture, art and wine.

Monasteries, abbeys, hermitages and convents: apart from being custodians of religious and cultural knowledge, many of them in Italy’s finest wine-producing regions also tended vineyards. In our country, with its wealth of historic monasteries and splendid architectural attractions, there are a multitude of religious buildings where wine has never stopped being produced, or where this tradition has been rediscovered, such as at San Francesco della Vigna, in the heart of Venice.

This is a unique setting that combines mysticism and culture, an architectural complex that includes the Church, one of the finest Renaissance buildings in the Venetian Lagoon, designed by Sansovino and Palladio; the Library, which contains and catalogs the collection of books in the Veneto belonging to the “Province” of St. Anthony of the Friars Minor; and the Cloisters, of which one is devoted to the cultivation of aromatic herbs, one to collecting rain water for irrigation, and one to a vineyard, looked after personally since 2019 by Santa Margherita’s agronomists.


I. Visits to San Francesco della Vigna

An all-round experience that guides visitors in discovering the architectural complex of San Francesco della Vigna with its Church, designed by Sansovino and Palladio; its Cloisters, locations of timeless charm; and its secluded area, containing the oldest urban vineyard in Venice, looked after since 2019 by the agronomists of Santa Margherita. 


Price per person: € 35.00


Details of the visit: The activity takes place upon reaching a minimum of 8 people and for groups of a maximum of 20 people. Beyond 10 people the group will be provided with radios.


Duration: 2 hours


2024 slots:


June 29th 2024


July 27th 2024


August 31st 2024


September 28th 2024


Meeting point at 10.30 AM on San Francesco della Vigna church’s grounds.

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Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna

Calle S. Francesco, 2786, 30122 Venezia

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