Man is at the centre of our daily routine. With neither rhetoric, nor false modesty, the Santa Margherita philosophy – established by Gaetano Marzotto himself – has always been to respond to the needs of our own community (grape suppliers, staff, partners, clients) by offering the maximum quality.

Quality in work, quality in human relationships, quality in the “welfare” that the group guarantees its partners in the “Villanova” heart of the food farming complex, quality in the cultivations by respecting the environment, without causing plant and soil stress, quality in professional relationships which can thus keep more generations of grape growers firmly anchored to the family vineyards.

And obviously product quality -  wines that can be special, but more widely paired, checked in every phase of the vinification, clarification and aging process. Wines that faithfully interpret their own local area and the tradition that they are part of and symbolise.
Quality in the technological choices to achieve maximum respect for the environment, combatting global warming through, for example, innovative use of the carbon dioxide naturally produced during vinification.

A quality that comes from duty fulfilled, from labour, however. As the family crest states: “Sua Texil Labor Fata”: toil weaves and constructs the destiny and fortunes of every man. We must also add our commitment to become "explorers of taste”, i.e. our ambition to combine wine with the overall pleasures of life experienced by each of us and with the typically Italian way of life that the whole world envies us for.

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