Müller Thurgau Linea “Onda” Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

Müller Thurgau Linea “Onda”
Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

Grapes: Müller Thurgau

Origin: The Cembra Valley

Alcohol content: 11,50 % vol.

Serving temperature: 10 - 12° C

Recommended glass: Medium-sized tulip-shaped, narrowing towards the rim


The grapes undergo typical white wine vinification, with a soft pressing. Active yeasts are added to the must and fermentation takes place over 10-12 days at a controlled temperature of 16 – 18° C (61 – 64° F). The wine thus obtained is then transferred into pressurized tanks where, after selected yeasts have been added, it ferments until the desired pressure has been obtained. The temperature of the wine is then lowered to -4° C (25° F) in order to arrest the fermentation.

Sensory & emotional characteristics

Santa Margherita’s Semi Sparkling Müller Thurgau “Linea Onda” is lively and fragrant, with rich fruity scents that are reminiscent of Golden Delicious apples, pears and peaches, as well as mint and nettles. Easy-to-drink but not at all banal, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a meal.

Food Pairing

It is ideal for accompanying soups, egg-based recipes and fish-based pasta or rice dishes. It is also excellent with fairly simple fish or seafood dishes, fried foods or pizza.

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