Dulcedo Lison Pramaggiore DOC

Lison Pramaggiore DOC

Grapes: Verduzzo Friulano

Origin: Lison Pramaggiore

Alcohol content: 13,00%

Serving temperature: 12 - 14° C (54 - 57° F)

Recommended glass: A small tulip-shaped glass for dessert wines


The grapes, picked by hand after slight over-ripening on the vine, are put into 7-8 kg. crates; They then remain until November in a cool, well-aired room, losing around 30% of their initial weight, with consequent concentration of their sugars and of all their varietal aromas. This is followed by a soft pressing and by static decantation of the must. This then ferments, and the resulting wine matures for around ten months in small oak barrels.

Sensory & emotional characteristics

Its color is a brilliant yellow with golden highlights. The main characteristic on the nose is an attractively honey-like perception of sweetness, with suggestions of apricot preserve and dried exotic fruits against a vanilla background. This warm, mellow perception of sweetness is also immediately evident on the palate as a result of the sugars and alcohol, but they are nicely counterbalanced by fresh acidity.

Food Pairing

It goes splendidly with cheeses (even blue ones) or with foie gras. It is an ideal accompaniment for fruit tarts, cream desserts or dry pastries.

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