- 6 medium eggs

- 120g sugar + 2 tbsp for the coffee

- 500g Mascarpone

- Coffee (preferably espresso), enough to soak Savoiardi (sponge fingers)

- Cacao powder, enough to dust top of tiramisù

- Chocolate flakes, enough to top tiramisù

- 400g Savoiardi (sponge fingers)


To prepare the tiramisù, start by separating the egg whites from the yolks. Add half of the sugar to the yolks and beat in an electric mixer using the whisk attachment. You are aiming for a nice clear, creamy mixture.

It's time to add the Mascarpone to the yolk mixture. Take the egg whites: whisk them with the aid of an electric mixer. Keep sprinkling in the other half of the sugar and whisking until stiff peaks form. Once the egg whites are whisked into peaks, add them to the yolk, sugar and Mascarpone mixture.

The cream is ready, so it's time to spoon it out onto the bottom of each small bowl. Dip the sponge fingers into the coffee, being careful not to soak them too much, then arrange them in the bowl, cutting them to fit the shape of the container.

Spoon a tablespoon of cream over the sponge fingers, level the cream and cover with a layer of sponge fingers dipped in the coffee. The last step: dust with the bitter cocoa powder. Refrigerate for a few hours to give the tiramisù time to firm up.

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