Samosa with feta cheese and spinach

Samosa with feta cheese and spinach

Ingredients for 4:

one roll of filo dough

200 g feta cheese

300 g of boiled and thoroughly-drained spinach

oil or melted butter for the glazing


one egg to glaze, optional


Drain the spinach thoroughly. To remove any excess water, you can boil it off in a pan. Put the spinach and the feta cheese in a blender, add some freshly-ground pepper and blend until the mixture is smooth.

Cut the filo pastry into 4-5 cm wide strips, leaving their length unaltered (use the whole length of the sheet of pastry). Brush both sides of each strip with oil or melted butter.

Place a knob of feta and spinach filling at the bottom of the filo pastry, towards the middle of the strip, and fold the dough over the filling by taking the bottom right-hand corner of the strip and folding it towards the left to meet the opposite edge of the strip, forming a triangle. Fold the triangle over itself, working upwards, so that various layers of dough form around the initial triangle and the triangular shape is preserved until you have used up the whole strip. Repeat for each strip. When you have finished, arrange the Samosa pastries on an oven tray lined with baking paper.

For a golden glaze, brush the Samosa pastries with a beaten egg on both sides and place in a hot oven at 190°C for about 10-12 minutes until golden brown.

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