Turnip top, anchovy and Pecorino cheese tarts

Turnip top, anchovy and Pecorino cheese tarts

Ingredients for 4-6:

200 g turnip tops

4 anchovy fillets in oil

1 chilli pepper

1 garlic clove

Pecorino cheese

Extra virgin olive oil


For the shortcrust pastry:

250 g 00 flour

160 g knobs of cold butter

3-4 tablespoons of cold water

½ teaspoon of salt

Place all the shortcrust pastry ingredients in a food processor and mix until crumbly. Empty the mixture onto a pastry board and bind quickly with your hands until the dough is compact. Wrap it in cling film and chill in the fridge for one and a half hours.

Blanch the turnip tops in hot, salted water. Drizzle some oil into a large pan, add the garlic clove, the anchovies and the chopped chilli pepper. Wait until the anchovies have dissolved and then add the turnip tops and stir-fry for a few minutes in a pan over medium heat until most of the moisture has evaporated. Remove the garlic clove and the chilli pepper and leave to cool.

Roll the short crust pastry out in a round shape on a sheet of baking paper. Mix the turnip tops with two tablespoons of grated Pecorino cheese and spread them out on the pastry, leaving a 2-3 cm wide free edge. Gently fold the edge inwards. Put the tart in the fridge to cool for 10 minutes before cooking it in the oven. Heat the oven to 180°C and bake the tart for 30 minutes.

Serve warm, garnished with a few flakes of Pecorino cheese.

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