Expo 2015, with Santa Margherita Wine Group
15 • 05 • 2015

Expo 2015, with Santa Margherita Wine Group

Two weeks after the opening of EXPO in Milan – which will be making Italy the centre of global interest for six months with 20 million visitors expected – Santa Margherita Wine Group has outlined its participation in recent days.

Our Group will be present both inside and outside the greatest exhibition ever dedicated to development of the food industry. Inside Expo, we will be present in two key positions, both looking out on the Decumano: the main kilometre-long "artery” that runs through EXPO from East to West and along which the Pavilions of the 130 participating nations are set up.

You will find us in the great “Italy is Eataly" space where various regional restaurants will be presenting the best of typical Italian food, via a voyage of rediscovery of its grand tradition, savoir-faire and the typical products of the greatest gold mine of food and wine in the world: Italy.

We will obviously be on the wine list, but we will also be staging events for live presentations of the "wine making mosaic” of our wine group.

Same Decumano, different space: “Identità Golose-Italia del Vino” or where top-notch catering, great award-winning chefs and great wines are brought together, in the area where you can explore new taste trends.

Here too, the Santa Margherita Wine Group will be organising dedicated events throughout the six months of Expo, showcasing some of our most representative wines: including Kettmeir “Pinot Grigio Impronta del Fondatore Alto Adige DOC 2014”, “Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG 52", “Pinot bianco Alto Adige DOC 2013” and even “Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG “Vigneto di Campolungo” 2010 Lamole di Lamole”.

Outside Expo, Santa Margherita will also be at Milan Stazione Centrale where it will be “doubling” its efforts. The Santa Margherita-Vyta lounge - a real "oasis of taste" which has been open for travelling gourmets for a year already – will be flanked by a temporary store at the main entrance for the June-August period.

It’ll be the perfect place to brush up on what you learnt about our wines at Expo and get the chance to "take us home with you".

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