Santa Margherita - Domus Academy workshop
19 • 05 • 2015

Santa Margherita - Domus Academy workshop

Collaboration between the Santa Margherita and the most innovative Italian think tanks sourcing new ways for wines to communicate is going on. Wine is one of Man's most ancient products but it still has a lot to say for itself. More importantly, it needs to know how to communicate with an ever-changing public, with people who are now constantly connected to the internet through their many mobile devices.

Connection is non-stop and the internet is now used as the main research tool and the preferred way to share discoveries. Sixteen students from all over the world, attending the Master of Business Design at the Milan Domus Academy, one of the most prestigious Italian design and fashion schools, will be asked to come up with new ideas and strategies for the wine sector.

The students will be given the task to develop four different communication strategies having the distinctive qualities of being capable of extolling the strength of the Santa Margherita Wine Group, of its founding values – the ability to innovate, environmental and social sustainability, Italian culture – before international wine lovers.

Work began on 19th May last and will continue for a whole month. The final projects will be presented in Milan on 19th June next.

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