Unusual Journeys of Flavours
11-12 • 06 • 2013

Unusual Journeys of Flavours

“Unusual journeys of Flavours”: two days of nature and flavours, to visit the area where Santa Margherita wines are created and get to know their philosophy better.

It’s a journey across the Venetian Lagoon looking over Bibione in the Valle Vecchia reserve, also very dear to Ernest Hemingway, during a truly lovely sunset, until you reach one of those typical stone buildings and delve into the gastronomic tradition so typical of these areas, all accompanied with the aromas and flavours of Santa Margherita wines.

It’s not the usual tasting, but an ”unusual” journey that moves onto a visit in a new winery and then ends up at Villa Marzotto in Portogruaro, chosen as the Santa Margherita wine group’s emblem, where the Marzotto family invite people to enjoy a visit to their home.

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