25 • 02 • 2017


Make a note of this name: Narguess Hatami. She is a young fashion designer, born in Tehran in 1981, who has studied in Italy.

With her Miahatami line, she is considered to be one of the up-and-coming stars of prêt-à-porter, destined to be at the forefront of the international fashion scene for a long time to come.

To some extent, her future lies in her blood: the daughter of an architect and of a fashion designer, she has refined her personal stylistic project by working a great deal in our country, thus succeeding in combining in her clothes the history and culture of both nations.

As the winner of the second prize in the prêt-à-porter category of “Who Is On Next? 2016", the launch of her 2017-18 Fall/Winter collection was inserted in the official calendar of shows organized by the Italian Fashion Association.

An event such as this just had to be celebrated with an intriguing and inviting sparkling wine, in the shape of our Extra Dry Prosecco 52.

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