300% Wine Experience 2017
12 • 03 • 2017

300% Wine Experience 2017

The Associazione Italiana Sommelier (AIS) is one of our country’s principal sommelier organizations and has contributed to a major degree to the diffusion of wine culture among the public at large, thanks to its widespread activity of education and information: it was the first to highlight the role of the individual wineries and of indigenous grape varieties, the real patrimony of our nation.

One of AIS’s most successful events in the Veneto is its “300x100”, a sort of marathon involving a hundred protagonists of the Region’s wine production (among the almost 600 inserted in the “Vinetia” guide), each of which is invited to present samples of three of its wines.

This event took place at Villa Emo where, apart from tasting the wines, visitors were able to take part in workshops featuring delicious food products, as well as in cookery demonstrations. Santa Margherita – with its typical local wines – was obviously one of the stars of the show.

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