Exploring Taste, browse the magazine
01 • 08 • 2016

Exploring Taste, browse the magazine

Talking about wine, where it comes from and how it’s made, but especially what it represents: Italy’s history and culture, but also our taste for life and our lifestyle, envied all over the world. And describing all of these things by starting from the great experience of Santa Margherita, which has been transmitting these values for just over eighty years.

That is the mission of “Exploring Taste” magazine– published by our Wine Group – which has recently also become accessible on line, on the www.exploringtastemagazine.com website.

The magazine, in its traditional printed version, was launched in spring of this year. Now it has also become available to the wider audience of web users thanks to the re-release of its contents, which range from the precious personal recollection of Ernest Hemingway written by Inge Feltrinelli to the description of some of the emerging locations around the world in which people, styles and ways of life are concentrated, giving rise to a fusion that foreshadows what will doubtless become the “united” world of the next decades.

There will be articles focusing on the protagonists of Italian and international cuisine; on the vine growers who work hard, day in and day out, in order to give us their finest grapes; on our history and new trends in Italian style.

This is a new and different way of opening up and telling the outside world about ourselves and, at the same time, talking about wine: that great distinctive feature of our culture which, from one generation to the next, gives us our joie de vivre.

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