Prosecco & Rosa 2016
09 • 07 • 2016

Prosecco & Rosa 2016

Santa Margherita was one of the protagonists of the event entitled “Prosa, Prosecco & Rosa” which, on Saturday 9th July at the “Cà del Poggio” Inn in the beautiful hills near Treviso, presented two fundamental types of wine for summer drinking: the finest Proseccos and Rosés, the latter being a category that combines complex production methods with the colors and fragrances that only the summer has to offer.

The event, which confirmed its place as one of the most exclusive and elegant dates during the summer, registered a boom in attendance. Lots of people decided to take advantage of the splendid summer evening and of the breathtaking view that one can enjoy from Ca' del Poggio to spend a few hours of relaxation, during which everything took on a rose-colored tinge and music, a convivial atmosphere and – naturally – good wines were the predominant features.

The Santa Margherita Proseccos on tasting were the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore "52" Rive di Refrontolo and the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore "52" Extra Dry – our winery’s icon of tradition and savoir faire - whilst representing the Rosés there was our Rosé Extra Dry sparkling wine, in which the Malbec variety (cultivated just a few kilometers from the Venetian Lagoon) is blended with Glera, the indigenous protagonist of the Prosecco phenomenon.

The event was organized by two leading lights in the world of Italian wine and food: Paolo Ianna, editor of the “Vinibuoni d’Italia” Guide, and Renato Grando, historian, gastronome and head of the Slow Food “Convivia” for Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto.

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