La nostra Mille Miglia
19 - 22 • 05 • 2016

La nostra Mille Miglia

Victory has the flavor of Prosecco 52, our Superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG which "wet" the winners; satisfaction appears on the tired, drawn but happy faces of Alessandro and Sebastiano Marzotto, of Ivan Capelli and Steven Slater (and with theirs that of all the other crews of the Scuderia Santa Margherita) at the end of almost one thousand and six hundred kilometers of intense competition along the historic route of the Mille Miglia.

It is difficult, almost impossible, to encapsulate in a few lines what remains most "alive" about the 2016 edition of the "most beautiful race in the world" - as Enzo Ferrari defined it - if not by anchoring ourselves in numbers and images.

The numbers are the overall ones of our Scuderia which presented itself with five historic cars at the start of Brescia (four Lancias - two Aurelia B20s and an Aurelia Spider B24 plus a 1928 Lambda - and a "gullwing" Mercedes entrusted to Ivan Capelli , F1 driver), with about ten cars supporting the cars in the race and the co-drivers who took turns along the track, and two minivans who accompanied journalists, photographers and bloggers who reported our Mille Miglia live.

A team made up of many people, many cars, perpetually connected in real time thanks to Visirun , the satellite thread that kept the Scuderia together when it was "scattered" over hundreds of kilometers of track.

Le immagini sono quelle scolpite nella memoria: la partenza del nostro team sotto la pioggia battente di Brescia, quando ogni pilota teme di “grattare” davanti a migliaia di spettatori urlanti; l’ingresso nei centri storici delle città (Ravenna sotto la pioggia, San Marino avvolta nella nebbia; Roma meravigliosa all’imbrunire; Siena con la luce abbacinante di Piazza del Campo…); i volti entusiasti di migliaia di bambini; le lacrime di commozione di molti over-70 che hanno rivissuto le gesta epiche della Mille Miglia rombante, veloce e pericolosa, del Secondo Dopoguerra…

E poi la lunga corsa attraversando l’Italia, scavalcando gli Appennini, tuffandosi nella Val d’Orcia in fioritura...

The reward for so much effort? Go back up to the platform on Viale Venezia in Brescia to collect your medal; receive the magnum of Prosecco 52 in the edition "dedicated" to the race, our recognition to all the competitors who managed to return to Brescia; have the latest photos taken by journalists and enthusiasts; welcome the last applause and then find yourself alone again with your car to say goodbye to the next Mille Miglia...

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