The situation has recently been mentioned again by the press: five years after one of the most devastating earthquakes ever to have been registered in the Caribbean  despite the considerable efforts of its people and of the international community, there is still a great number of evacuees and a lot of reconstruction to be done to get back to normal in Haiti. Santa Margherita has chosen Haiti to implement a green project that involves all its collaborators. Thanks to our support, at the end of December 2014 all of 150 fruit trees were planted on the Island to create a plantation of coffee, mango, cashew nut, orange and avocado plants to contrast the decline and the destruction of local forests that currently cover only 2%  of the country and to improve the job opportunities of local farmers and of their families.


 In addition to satisfying our desire to help this population that is still in dire straits, this course of action confirms a specific choice we at Santa Margherita have made: to contribute with our daily actions to the health of our planet in an attempt to contrast the green house effect that is raising temperatures and transforming our climate. This choice has lead us to autonomously produce energy from renewable sources (to the extent of having now become totally self-sufficient) and to employ farming methods based on the protection of biodiversity and on reducing the consumption and squandering of water, drastically cutting down on chemical products and contrasting any kind of waste. 


 Since 2014, a very significant portion of our work is carbon neutral certified, i.e. all the carbon dioxide emissions pertaining to the whole production process are compensated by direct actions taken by us and by investments in reforestation projects and in the production of energy from renewable sources. Almost one and a half million bottles of Pinot Grigio, just below 10% of our overall production are carbon neutral certified. 


    The situation has recently been mentioned again by the press: five years after one of the most devastating earthquake...

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